11 Easy Simple Ways To Live A Sustainable Lifestyle

Before I started trying to live a sustainable life, I thought it was nearly impossible because I would imagine this hard, no waste, no plastic, 100% organic vegetarian lifestyle, where you recycle everything. Interestingly enough, it’s not all about that. There are many easy ways to live a sustainable life and help the environment.


Walk or share a car

As a student, I find it easier and more financially beneficial to share a car with 3 of my friends. We split the cost, in 4 ways, and save money by renting only 1 car. This is beneficial for the environment because it reduces the carbon footprint. Plus, I rarely use the car and prefer to walk to most places like the beach.

Spend more time outside.

Get some fresh air and take in the scenery. I live on an island, so spending time outside is great. Going to the beach with friends is an occasional thing. Spending time outdoors also helps you reduce your electricity usage and screen time, plus it encourages you to take up outdoor activities.


Unplug devices when you’re not using them

It’s a simple enough habit to adopt it, especially when you pay your own electricity bills. It is the little things that help make a difference, plus you cut the amount of electricity you use hence helping the planet.

Do your laundry less

I do my laundry once a week or twice a week, which helps reduce the amount of electricity used, and washing takes a lot of water, which is rarely recycled or retreated.

Use more natural lighting.

I moved into an apartment with a lot of windows and balconies so that I have a lot of light and air entering the apartment. I don’t need to use the lights or the air cons that often. Summer is coming so more daylight; hence I use the light less often.


Buy reusable shopping bags.

A household uses and disposes approximately 520 plastic shopping bags; this is terrible for the environment because they are either burnt or randomly disposed of. So buying reusable shopping bags helps reduce plastic and paper bags, especially the cloth bags you can wash.

Grow your own herbs

This saves so much money because buying the potted plant, and taking care of it is cheaper than buying the herbs from your local store.

Buy food from the market.

If you don’t have the time to grow herbs, go to your local market, and buy fresh food instead of buying processed, more expensive food from the supermarket. This food is cheaper, and you get to support your local farmer.

Buy food in bulk

Buy food in large quantities so that you can reduce the number of times you go shopping. I go shopping once a month, and it helps me budget and helps me not spend a lot of money on food.

Eat more whole foods. Less meat, more vegetables

Funny enough, this is actually cheaper; I only each chicken, seafood, a ton of vegetables, and starch. This makes me feel better, and it also saves my wallet since I don’t spend money on red meat.

Regularly prepare home-cooked meals

This helps you reduce the money you spend because most people spend a lot of their money eating out or on fast food. Cooking at home gives you full control over your diet, plus it’s much healthier.

Someone else won’t save the planet

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