The 5 Beautiful Benefits Of Living Alone

You can live the life you want, just go for it

I spent the whole of high school under my mother’s roof because she didn’t have the heart to send me to boarding school even if it came up quite a lot. After all, I was an annoying child. I ended up in an apartment in university, which I shared with another girl who took care of me until she moved out. During my 2 months alone, I thought I wouldn’t survive and end up hiding out in a guy’s house or inviting a guy to co-inhabit with me, but something stopped me. I ended up making my house a party house, so I wasn’t alone.

Later on, moved in with a friend, lived with her for 6 months. I was miserable living with her, so I decided that I had to move. I just moved into my own one-bedroom apartment last week, and my landlord gave me the chance to refurbish the apartment. I have never been alone in my life, genuinely independent until now.

This is an opportunity for me to become independent of people. I never thought I would survive because someone was always there, buying me food, checking on me, and living next to me. Always having people there made me dependent on them. I have been living alone for 1 week, and it’s the most beautiful thing ever. In such moments you are given a choice to adopt or let the situation rule you. I told myself that this chapter of my life is about winning, doing what’s right for me, and our lives are meant to be all about.


You learn new things

I spend some of my time alone learning new recipes, decorating hacks, and how to live a sustainable life. You are given a chance to learn and implement all the things you want to in your life.

You make your own choices and decisions

When you are usually around people, you all make a majority vote about certain things, and you end up doing things you don’t want to do. But alone, you make all your choices. You have to. You have to make decisions that will benefit you. You can walk around the apartment naked, blast music, sing-along really loudly, and invite whoever you want over with no criticism.

Understanding all your minds working

I have worked through quite many underlying issues with the time I have had alone, which has made me happier and more pleasant to be around

You get to work peacefully

When you live alone, you have the time and space to work in silence because you have no living distractions. During my time alone, I have been working on my blog, which has proven beneficial since I keep up with my deadlines.

You control your lifestyle

I can change my lifestyle and improve it in all different ways. I have control over the food I eat and buy, my morning routine, and there are no weird destructive lifestyle temptations. There is no junk food in my house, so I don’t feel like eating it. My lifestyle has become cleaner in various ways, which I love!

3 responses to “The 5 Beautiful Benefits Of Living Alone”

  1. This is very compelling and informative. Having a rough past gives one a kind of fortitude and willingness to emerge victorious. I’m happy you’re finding piece in solitude and can quite count the importance of it. It’s true. Independence is key to peaceful living. I love your ideas and have followed you straight away. Kindly follow back and let’s share in each other’s thoughts. You’re ideas are simply amazing! 💞🌟🌟💞

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