How To Become A Morning Person

Everyday is a new day with hope for a better future

I have been a morning person from a young age. I was forced to become one because my mom would wake me up early to study and get ready for school. I wasn’t the type of kid to groan about waking early; I just got used to it because, honestly, you can’t spend every morning of your life groaning and mentally cursing out the start of the new day.
I am now in university and have set morning times; I wake up at 4:30 am or 5:45am on days I class and wake up at 7am or 9am if I had a long night. I know it’s not easy to become a morning person, but these are the things that made me a morning person.

6 Tips To Become A Morning Person

Use an alarm

This is very basic, set your alarm 1 hour earlier than your expected wake-up time. If you’re meant to wake up at 6am set your alarm for 5am. Get comfortable with waking up early; if you wake up at 5am, you have enough time to struggle to get out of bed by 6am.

You will soon be comfortable waking up 1 hour earlier and getting out of bed on time.

Let in natural light

Leave the window curtains drawn open or leave the blinds open, this will let natural light into the room, and this light will casually disrupt your sleep. I use this trick instead of an alarm clock. This helps me wake up with the sun, which I love and gives me room to do a lot

Have a schedule

Knowing that I have a planned out day helps me leave my bed every day, this helps me wake early and push through the day. This tip mostly works for people who are organized and goal-oriented

Workout first thing

This is a worst comes to a worst-case scenario. I am never encouraged to wake up in the morning and work out. It takes me a while to finally gain the energy to leave my bed and exercise but if you have the motivation, then go for it, sweetheart.

Make mornings more pleasant

Setting up my room to be welcoming makes mornings better. I put a glass of water on the side and made sure that the room was clean and organized. Having a great breakfast planned out, and a great morning routine is very encouraging to wake up early.

Sleep when your tired or don’t sleep late

Simple enough, isn’t it? Sleep when you are tired don’t push yourself and let your body rest. Try to sleep early; you can do this by putting away your electronics 1 hour before bed to sleep faster

Being a morning person is amazing; life is much easier because mornings are when you can get the most done.

Every day may not be the best day ever but there is something good every day

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