4 Amazing Productivity Apps That Will Change Your Life

To be honest, staying productive constantly and adding effective habits into your life is a bit hard. So adding productivity apps to your phone will help you create these habits and push you to be productive because these notifications will bug you so much and make you get up and do what you are meant to do.

4 Productivity Apps That Will Change Your Life
The Fabulous

This is my favourite productivity app which helps with every single productivity habit, from waking up in the morning, drinking water, meditating, working out etc. They cover the whole field; they have something for most habits. The app also includes motivational notes and encouraging statements, which push you to continue being more productive and keep you on track. They also have an amazing online community on the app, which will I love. I rarely pay mind to communities, but this one is so encouraging and kind, and I know you would want to be a part of it.

A good chunk of the app is free, so you don’t need to pay, but if you want the extra features like talking to a real-life coach, then paying for the membership is for you.

2. Google TASKS

I am in love with Google apps because I love the way they are all connected. Google Tasks are connected to Gmail so you can get tasks from your Gmail sent to the app so that you are constantly updated. Plus, the tasks can be shown on your Google Calendar to make it even easier. It is completely free!

3. brain.fm

Brain.fm is an amazing productivity app that helps you focus on work with brain-stimulating music, making you focus and stay attentive. All the music has been developed by their researchers and has been backed by science. You need to pay for the app, sadly.

4. Forest

Forest makes me so happy because your own productivity is contributing to the planet! Personally, I only stay focused so that I can contribute to planting a tree in real life.

We all need a little help being productive so try out these apps. Do you have any productivity apps I need to try out?

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