Mesmerised by the works and tastes of Lexia (Review Of Bali Cravings)

Restaurant nameBali Cravings
City name Bagatelle
Food nameAsian Cuisine

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Setting

I have never seen someone who has put so much effort into curating the perfect decor, theme and ambience for a restaurant like Lexia. Bali Craving is a beautiful restaurant with every part planned and put together carefully.

Table, mirrors and decorations
Painting of plants
Plant paintings

The food is fantastic and tasty, with a price range of 200- 800 Mauritian Rupees. I ordered chicken ravioli, which was very savoury and crispy chicken dumplings, and crispy chicken, which smelled divine and had a sweet taste and the meat was tender.


Bali Cravings is entirely non-alcoholic; all the mocktails are decorated and presented beautifully with fruits, herbs and decorative cups. Most of them are sweet and beautifully scented (yes, I sniff drinks), and I believe the drinks are the ones which won me over.

Overall, I will always recommend Bali Cravings as a dining option, and I am excited to go to Bali Lane, which will open soon.

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