5 Interesting Workouts That Have Helped Me Stay Fit

Staying fit and being healthy is trending right now with the whole “That Girl” fantasy which is basically being a normal person who wakes up early, has breakfast, works out and does something with their day. Working out is hard in general and staying consistent is harder, especially since the most common workouts are so exhausting and straining. So here are exciting workouts which I think you should try because they will never disappoint.

5 fun workouts
W ALKING-Grow with jo

Walking is an easy way to stay fit and healthy but Grow with Jo makes it very interesting with the music and the addition of short time span exercises. Plus you can burn so many calories with one video like 600 calories after one fun video.


Yoga is such a relaxing and calming exercise to take on. It focuses on so many core muscles and funny enough you will break a sweat if you focus on your breathing and the muscles.


Dancing is the easiest way to stay fit and burn calories, now imagine using it to stay healthy. Its hard to not dance at least once so what’s stop you from using it as a workout!

Belly dancing- Leilah Isaac

This belly dance workout really helped me tone my stomach and it’s so fun especially with Leilah’s fun personality plus they are short and fun!


For all the water lovers out there, get into the pool and do what you love best baby!


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